British Swimrun launches and announces new ranking system

Organisers of swimrun events in Britain and other swimrun fans have joined forces to launch British Swimrun. The aim of the new not-for-profit organisation is to promote and develop swimrun across the British Isles and to administer the British Swimrun rankings.

As a starting point, Gary Pavitt, organiser of Swimrun Coniston and Swimrun Gower, trawled through all the British swimrun events in 2023 and compiled the first-ever British rankings, both for individuals and teams. Individuals who only raced in teams also received individual rankings. There are separate categories for short, medium, long and ulta-distance events and an overall ranking.

Points are awarded based on your classification finishing position – e.g. first man, first mixed-team etc.

The rankings are designed to reward participation as well as performance. Your ranking is based on your points from all the races you complete: more races equals more points.

See the new British Swimrun website for details of how the Swimrun Rankings work.

Note that the 2023 rankings were created for illustrative purposes only. To be included in the 2024 rankings you need to register with British Swimrun for an ID. Registration is currently free.