What is swimrun?
– and why you
should try it

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Should you swim with paddles and a pull-buoy?

We ran some tests to find out how much difference they make.

Swimrun FAQs - Your questions answered

From pullbuoys to blisters and running shoes to paddles.

5 tips for swimmers tempted to try swimrun

Coach Matt Hill shares his top five tips for swimmers tackling swimrun.

Essential kit for swimrun (1): wetsuits and shoes

Jude Palmer covers all you need to know about wetsuits and footwear.

Essential kit for swimrun (2): socks and other stuff

Jude Palmer looks at how to stop chafing and other swimrun essentials.

Swimrun nutrition: a guide to eating on race day

Swimrun world-champ Fanny Kuhn runs us
through her long-race nutrition strategy.

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